Sunday, February 18, 2007

Bedouin- # 25

These bedouins are the camel herders we came across a few days back. The camel pictured is the one we got to ride; you can see his mouth open as he "yells". I don't think he was as thrilled as we were to see him! You can also see that his front legs are tied together. There is enough slack so he could walk, but not run (which I appreciated!) I'm not sure if the people are brothers, or father and son. Either way, they were very kind, and happy to pose! There was a huge language barrier between them and us.... its amazing how people can communicate with out words!

A little Vocabulary for ya:
Bedouin: Derived from the Arabic a generic name for a desert-dweller. This term is generally applied to Arab nomadic pastoralist groups, who are found throughout most of the desert belt extending from the Atlantic coast of the Sahara via the Western Desert, Sinai, and Negev to the Arabian Desert.


Jazzy said...

briliant shot.

Fay said...

Awww... I feel bad for the camel... It must have not been comfortable for him to get front legs tied!

photowannabe said...

I guess I would yell too if I was hobbled like that, but its a great human interest shot and it must have been fun though uncomfortable to ride.

Marcia said...

It was fun, a little un-nerving, but definitly an experience I'll remember!