Friday, February 2, 2007

Hard at Work - #9

My friend had taken this pic yesterday while we were on an outing. I believe the 'bundle' the man is dragging, is full of fish he caught that day. He's taking them to the market to be sold.
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Dsole said...

Hi from Madrid, Marcia!
Fresh fish... yummmy...It seems a heavy carry!

Marcia said...

Hi dsole, yeah, it was definitly heavy! It took the poor guy some time to get to his destination. The fresh fish here is fabulous!!

Zsolt72 said...

its my first time on your greetings from Budapest! I am happy to see Kuvait among the DP sites I hope I will see a lot of camels like the photo few days ago:)

Marcia said...

zsolt72, Thanks, and glad you enjoyed your visit. That camel pic is personally one of my fav's, too. The camels will be grazing soon (some have started), giving me plenty of camel photo opts in the near future!