Saturday, February 17, 2007

Sand Storm- # 24

Yesterday we had a sand storm. If you have never experienced a sand storm, consider yourself lucky! The background of this pic looks "cloudy" almost, but the air is truely filled with sand. During a storm, the wind is strong, and at times it hurts a little when the sand hits you. Unfortunatly this pic didn't give the sun justice, it looked really cool live. The storms are much worse out in the desert... glad I was in the city for this one! The buildings help break it up a little making it a little less extreme.


Dsole said...

cool photo!
My brother, who lives in Canary islands, suffer sometimes sand storm, and wind becomes orange!
Lucky you were in some place safe

photowannabe said...

It must make breathing very difficult and the sand must get into everything including your camera. Does it pit the windows? I wouldn't want to be out on the desert when this happens.

Marcia said...

Thanks dsole, the wind sure does turn different colors sometimes. When it rains during or right after a sand storm, mud just falls from the sky! Its kinda cool, so long as you are not staning in it!

Marcia said...

Yeah, breathing isn't the funnest during a storm, but you get used to it. A lot of times, people cover their mouths with cloth to help them breath, especially if they work outside. The sand chips the paint on cars more than it damages windows. Whenever a storm comes, we know its about to get a little hotter.